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Commercial and Residential Appraisals, MAI

​Service Area: Utah​


  • Multifamily

  • Retail

  • Industrial

  • Office

  • Self Storage

  • Warehouse

  • Mixed Use

  • Vacant Land

  • To be Built

  • Townhome Developments

  • Commercial Subdivisions

  • Residential Subdivisions

  • Highest & Best Use

  • Proposed Use 

  • Forecasted Value

  • As-Is Value

  • Direct Capitalization Analysis 

  • Comparison Approach

  • Cost Approach

cvg aparment
Commercial Grocery Store

Cost Segregation Study

A Cost Segregation Study breaks the cost of a commercial real estate asset into depreciable components parts, for use by tax professionals and investment professionals in preparing accelerated depreciation schedules on 5-, 7-, & 15-year items. The standard depreciation schedule for a commercial building is 39 years on commercial and 27. 5 years on residential. Often times taxpayers can reduce the overal depreciation of the assets down to 13-15 years, providing a larger tax deduction each year. 

Commercial Warehouse
Commercial Medical Office
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